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Riezan & Ida Rahayu The Engagement

October 19, 2009

Assalamualaikum wbt Great day to all

Just few hours arrived from Kuching Sarawak, covering the Engagement of Riezan & Ida Rahayu. After 8 years not seeing each other, I made a surprised ‘comeback’ to Riezan and the family and being the one who photographed his big day with his lovely fiancee.

Riezan & Ida, thanks for being so super duper ‘camera-friendly’ on the day, I’ve got alot superb images of you two in the collection. To Riezan and Ida’s families and friends respectively, STAY TUNE for this love bird next entry – The Outdoor Photoshoot!

What really inspired me doing photography, to be exact Wedding and Portrait Photographer is I just love clicking the shutter around, keep the mood flowing unstoppable. Witnessing and put everything into photojournalist style; warm and natural. Smiling faces, laughters and jokes are all transformed into great photos for generations.


Biar sampai Syurga!!!

Travel Again SOON weeeeee!!!



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